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Alexandra K, founded in 2014, is a brand that specializes in vegan and environmentally-friendly handbags and accessories. Each bag is made in Poland, from innovative fabrics that are not only vegan, but also their production is sustainable and safe for the planet.

Alexandra K is a unique brand, you will find their collections featuring premium vegan leathers made from Grapes, apples, pineapple, corn, and many other plant-based fabrics. They are constantly looking for new components which will make the brand special. Alexandra K’s atelier takes care of every detail of the production to get high quality products. Each bag is unique and has its own serial number, you will not find 2 bags alike.

This pioneering brand possess various certificates such as PETA- Approved Vegan, Fur Free Retailer and is a corporate member of the Humane Society International giving their customers a guarantee of checked fabrics and producers.

In 2014, Alexandra K handbags was awarded the prestigious Vegan Fashion Award by the PETA Germany for the Best Women's handbag. Again in 2018 Alexandra K. received this award from PETA UK and in the same year from French PETA for their debut - a vegan motorcycle jacket.

About Alltrueist:

ALLTRUEIST was founded in 2015 by luxury fashion veteran Marcus Aliaga. After having worked with premium brands throughout his career Marcus realized that a change needed to happen in the industry.

As a pioneer in the sustainable fashion sector, Marcus curates all the ALLTRUEIST collections carefully and vetting each brand making sure they are animal-free, but also produced ethically respecting workers rights and fair wages, and most importantly that all the materials used and production is sustainable, all of this while offering premium products for the most discerning clients. You will find at great brands like Alexandra K., Mashu, AERA, and many more.

As a responsible Retailer, allTRUEist is proud to partner with Positive Luxury, which awards the Butterfly Mark to brands & retailers in recognition of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.