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Mashu London was established in 2017 by Creative Director Ioanna Topouzoglou. The label was conceptualized in the UK and produces all their bags in Greece. Ioanna being Greek herself, wanted to support Greek artisans and enrich the local economy as well as promote Greek craftsmanship through her products.

Mashu’s vision is to create modern handbags that showcase the finest craftsmanship and materials without compromising the planet. Inspired by Art Deco and contemporary architecture. The structured minimal silhouettes of the bags offset the tactile textures to create a nuanced aesthetic balance.

The bespoke hardware, a signature of the brand – turns each bag into a unique and distinctive statement.

Mashu uses premium fabrics such as Desserto Cactus Leather, Piñatex, hemp, and luxury deadstock fabrics. Ioanna works with local artisans to create the unique hardware on her beautifully designed handbags.


About Alltrueist:

ALLTRUEIST was founded in 2015 by luxury fashion veteran Marcus Aliaga. After having worked with premium brands throughout his career Marcus realized that a change needed to happen in the industry.

As a pioneer in the sustainable fashion sector, Marcus curates all the ALLTRUEIST collections carefully and vetting each brand making sure they are animal-free, but also produced ethically respecting workers rights and fair wages, and most importantly that all the materials used and production is sustainable, all of this while offering premium products for the most discerning clients. You will find at great brands like Alexandra K., Mashu, AERA, and many more.

As a responsible Retailer, allTRUEist is proud to partner with Positive Luxury, which awards the Butterfly Mark to brands & retailers in recognition of their commitment to social and environmental sustainability.