Sun Child

In 2014 fashion publicist Elissa Kravetz traveled to South India and encountered a remarkable family who source vintage saris.  Having worked for 20+ plus years in the fashion industry of New York and Los Angeles, Elissa had never seen anything quite like these fabrics. Out of deep desire to help this local Indian family thrive and the wild excitement over the silks a brand was born.

Elissa spends part of each year sorting through thousands of pieces of vintage silk saris, hand selecting the perfect fabric to be transformed into a Sun Child garment.  

The colors are vibrant, the patterns are beautiful, there is a palpable energy to each piece and every woman who tries on a Sun Child silk, stretches out her arms and spins around with a smile.

The garments are cut from traditional Indian Sari Silks and each piece is one of a kind. Every part of the sari is used, the leftover pieces from a dress are turned into bags, the scraps from the bags are turned into hangtags, allowing the brand to be as waste-free as possible while always striving to improve and learn new ways of being sustainable.

The brand employs local tailors and artisans in a small village rather than large mass factories.  With intention to support the local community, they give jobs to widows, and feed families and animals in need.


Giving back is the essence of the brand. 

Sun Child volunteers with and contributes to two local animal rescues in Goa.