Eight Fun Facts with Designer and Brand Founder Elissa Kravetz

As part of our ongoing #BehindTheBrand series, we sat down with Elissa Kravetz, designer and brand founder of Sun Child, to learn more about her deep-rooted passion for travel and her commitment to giving back to her community and celebrating all that life has to offer. 

Read below for eight fun facts about Elissa Kravetz that you didn’t know before! 

  1. Elissa grew up in the suburbs of Framingham, Massachusetts. After college, she moved to NYC and ultimately, settled in Los Angeles. 
  2. While studying Business & Marketing at the University of Maryland, Elissa met Steve Madden during her junior year while he was in town for a store visit at the local Nordstroms. This run-in turned into a summer internship, which turned into a full-time job upon graduation. Starting off in the marketing department, Elissa went on to work with Steve for over 15 years. Steve continues to be Elissa’s mentor! 
  3. With a passion for travel, Elissa journeyed to Goa on a yoga retreat where she encountered a very special local family who worked with vintage silk saris. Inspired by their design and committed to helping this family thrive, Elissa started to work with them and together, they created a small line of dresses that she sold from her home in Venice Beach, CA to friends and family. This would become the start of Sun Child as we know it today. 
  4. Elissa believes passionately in giving back. She works with the two local animal rescues in Goa, and always travels with a bag of dog food in her car to feed as many homeless dogs as she can.
  5. While on a business trip in India, Elissa got stuck in the country as the world began to shelter in place with the onset of COVID 19. A trip that was planned to be only 6 weeks, turned into a year and a half adventure. She took up driving, rented a home and set up a life on the West Coast of South India, heading up and running Sun Child overseas.
  6. Elissa is a survivor.  She had a 18 cm. tumor on her kidney that ruptured suddenly and sent her in and out of the hospital during 2019. She is also a survivor of intense childhood bullying and has spent countless hours speaking at schools about the power of love and kindness.
  7. Sun Child’s Instagram platform acts as a personal journal for Elissa, highlighting the wildness that makes up life: desire, passion, falling in love, celebrating sisterhood, healing and living life with unfettered zest and abandon.
  8. Elissa wholeheartedly believes in radical self acceptance, confidence, celebrating imperfections, daily affirmations and living a life that feels GOOD!

Impressed? We are too! 
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