Eight Fun Facts with Designer and Brand Founder Tamara Davydova

As part of our ongoing #BehindTheBrand series, we sat down with Tamara Davydova, designer and brand founder of MINIMALIST, to learn more about her life as a designer, woman entrepreneur and local New Yorker. 

MINIMALIST is a curated collection of women's ready-to-wear. Crafted from high-quality materials, the collection is designed to maximize purpose in a woman’s wardrobe while minimizing impact on the planet.

Read below for 8 fun facts about Tamara Davydova that you didn’t know before! 

  1. As a local New Yorker, Balthazar is her favorite restaurant in SoHo. (And we couldn’t agree more)
  2. Prior to studying fashion design at Parsons School of Design, Tamara grew up in Ukraine and trained as a classical painter. 
  3. She always knew that she wanted to start her own label. After learning about circularity in fashion from Fashion Institute of Technology’s Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs and Harvard Business School’s Sustainable Business Strategy programs, she launched MINIMALIST in February of 2021. 
  4. MINIMALIST is designed for circuality, eliminating waste and pollution from the start by choosing only sustainable materials. All pieces are fully fiber-to-fiber recyclable to eliminate textile waste in landfills. 
  5. Living in New York City with her husband and two children, her family is a constant source of daily inspiration. 
  6. Adopting a mindful approach in her personal life, Tamara only buys organic food, preferably from farmer’s market, and checks the ingredients and places of origin. She has a similar approach when it comes to clothing. 
  7. Prior to starting her own label,  Tamara has an extensive career in fashion, with over 20-years of experience working alongside designers including Michael Kors and Monique Lhullier. 
  8. MINIMALIST is designed to be the go-to brand for people who want to feel great - inside and out - about the clothes, footwear, and accessories they are wearing. 

What’s next for MINIMALIST? She wouldn’t divulge too many details (we know, we are eager as well) but be sure to be on the look-out for this incredible brand and be sure to shop the full collection at Figure Eight.