Intersection of Art, Sustainability and Fashion - Meet the Artist Remedios

Further to its retail mission, Figure Eight also explores the intersection of art and sustainability through an on-site exhibition featuring the works of Colombian artist Remedios and Cuban artist Leslie Sardinias. Remedios' multidimensional exhibition "Atardece en el Trópico,” featured in the front window displays and throughout the retail space, speaks to the collective memory of having connection to the earth.

We sat down with Remedios to hear more about her beginnings as an artist, her creative process, and the intersection of art, sustainability and fashion as seen in the Figure Eight space. 

Take us back to the beginning - tell us about how you became an artist?

When I was a young woman, I always looked at drawing as a form of refuge. Through all the stages of my life, drawing has always been present and has dictated a narrative of how my thoughts have evolved throughout the various phases of my life. Drawing has truly enabled me to speak to the world in a very intimate way by allowing me to create my own language to tell my personal story to the world. In many ways, my art tells the story of my life.

We’ve noticed themes of nature and sustainability intertwined in your artwork - tell us about your relationship with the environment?

How will I bring elements of nature into my work to make people think about their relationship to their environments has always been a major question in my creative process. Like an ecologist, I look to study the relationship between living things and the environment through how my viewers interact with the art that I create. 

With materials and mediums used in my work, I’m careful to avoid damaging mediums like aerosols or materials. I prefer to use water-based paint and bases like wood, that have natural durability. I also strive to limit waste-production from my creative process and source all of these materials locally. 

While I’m very conscious of using sustainable materials, social sustainability is the larger focus of my work; helping people understand the connection between nature, individuals, and the role of these two in the social sustainability

As an artist, what is the most important thing you would like your audience to learn from your work?
The connection between nature and our responsibility to be conscious participants in the world.  
It’s about trying to bring awareness to focusing on the details; to focus on simplicity and have awareness of our lifestyles.

What are your thoughts on the intersection of art and fashion, as seen in the Figure Eight space?

The first component is taking art out from traditional spaces like museums and galleries and putting them into a different context to make it more accessible. The art doesn’t lose it’s narrative by doing so because it’s about creating works for a space that make sense for the space. Partnering with fashion doesn’t mean you need to go commercial and mass-produced merchandise but your approach can be more curated.