Mental Health, Optimism & Meaningful Connection

This month Figure Eight hosted a mental health workshop in partnership with Role Models Agency. 

Hosted by Nick Bracks and Anne Therese, the Climate Optimist, the two expanded upon the science of optimism and how to address mental health in the face of climate change, fame, and public pressure. 

Anisa Benitez set the tone by guiding the group through a short meditation and 'eye-gazing' activity. As the conversation flower, the group touched upon topics such as medication, mental health and climate optimism.

Role Model Agency puts ethics, sustainability, environmental, and social justice at the core of their business. Founded in 2017, the agency came to life from the desire to build a platform where models are given a voice to speak about things they believe in. They wanted to show the world that models can be incredible agents of change and help shift pop culture in the direction needed for a better future.