A symbol of eternal development and balance, Figure Eight is a sustainable retail concept that re-imagines the ecosystem of luxury fashion. Founded on the infinite possibilities of conscious discovery, community and collaboration, Figure Eight is the first multi-brand experiential boutique curated with a 360-degree approach to sustainability. Showcasing a selection of sustainable, vegan brands across fashion, jewelry and beauty, this eco-friendly shop concept is designed by a world-class architect and operates under third-party environmental certification. Located in the heart of SoHo, Figure Eight will open as a pop-up running from August through December.


Community, Collaboration, Connection.

    We are living in a critical moment where brands, landlords and retailers are facing an ever-changing and unstable retail landscape. In the face of uncertainty, Figure Eight reflects a paradigm shift in how brands, retailers and developers work together by enabling each member of the retail ecosystem to thrive, grow and succeed together.

    Figure Eight founders Nicole Marra and Tina Bhojwani come together after decades of leading international luxury brands to use their complementary skills and vast networks to re-envision the traditional retail model by channeling the power of community, collaboration and connection.